Audio & Multimedia

Software for processing, editing, modifying or just playing all kind of multimedia starting with simple mp3 files to all other modern formats.

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All sorts of business-related software including text processors, database handlers, helpdesks, calendars, stocks, accounting, and project management tools.

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The best software for connecting people. Here you can find various instant messengers, e-mail clients and text managers, also telephony and video webcam chats.

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Many cool small things for spicing up your desktop environment like screensavers, cursors, icons, fonts, clock, alarm and weather widgets.

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An absolute collection of the best software for developers and programmers. You can find tools for all languages and skill levels as well as manuals, tutorials and help soft.

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In a modern world it is hard to learn anything new without help of the computer-based tools, which can provide you with all sorts of information packed in convenient form.

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Games & Entertainment

What would be our experience of interacting with a PC without videogames? Plain boring and dead serious. Here you will find all the best entertainment in the digital world.

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Graphic Apps

If you an artist or just want to entertain yourself with digital drawing, this section is a treasure chest for you. Be it complex CADs or simple image viewers and editors, all are waiting to be downloaded.

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Home & Hobby

If you have a hobby, why not let your computer help you with organizing, managing and developing it through special software? Go for it.

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Network & Internet

This category contains all sorts of software designed to enhance your web browsing experience. Ad blockers, download tools, FTP clients and so on.

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Security & Privacy

You can never be sure if your files are safe without the very best anti-virus software. Also you can find useful some password managers, anti-spam tools and other security apps.

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Using our best server software collection, you can set up any desirable server-side service, and it will be rock solid (also maybe heart touching).

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System Utilities

Any system needs to be maintained from time to time, so it can stay fast, stable and reliable 24/7. Using the best system utilities and tools you will easily keep it up.

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Web Development

There are many awesome tools for making the work of a web designer or developer easier. Coding was never so easy with our collection of the very best developer software.

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