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    Company Directory 2.1

    Program name: Company Directory Developer: Latshaw Systems Version: 2.1 License: Freeware OS: Windows2000/XP/2003/ Vista Business/ Vista Enterprise/ Vista Ultimate/ Vista Business x64/ Vista Enterprise x64/ Vista Ultimate x64 Size: 1.21 Mb Description: Web based database application for storing and viewing company directory information. Users access via their web browser (no need to install on every machine) and can view 4 directories of information. Employees, Departments, Vendors, and Links. Eliminates updating and distributing paper lists of employees extensions. Use the Vendors directory for everything from parts suppliers to local fast food restaurants all stored in a central location. Use the Links directory to give employees a list of all known network resources and shares. Management of the lists are also handled via the browser and can be password protected to limit who can make changes to the directory. The header logo and title can be customized to display your company's logo and name. Give your new employees a link to your Web Directory and you'll eliminate dozens of questions like "Do you have the number for...?" and "How do I access...?". Download today and ask your network admin to install this useful app! Rating:
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