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    jalada Boskonian 1.2.2

    Program name: jalada Boskonian Developer: jalada GmbH Version: 1.2.2 License: Shareware ($4.99) OS: Mac Size: 48.17 Mb Description: Defend the earth by destroying the enemy bases while evading enemy ships, asteroids and mines. How the Boskonian Wars started, no one knows. The Federal Earth Council suffered massive losses to the Boskonian enemy's seemingly impenetrable enemy base fortress. But the Federal Council's luck was about to change. A daring plan to send a spy in among the Boskonians finally paid off. The building plans for the enemy bases were finally revealed. The Council set about constructing a prototype Star Fighter, armed with the capability to exploit the enemy bases' weaknesses. With only so much material, and so little time, they could only prepare a few of these precious ships. In order to attract a little attention as possible, they would go in one at a time, and try to launch a strike against the enemy base in each sector of space before the enemy could realize what was happening and retaliate. The Boskonian War was about the close... Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to fly behind the hostile lines and find the enemy bases and blow them up. But the enemy won't simply let you destroy their valuable stations. They will send a variety of ships at you, some in formations, in an attempt to stop you from succeeding at your one-man mission. The fate of the earth lies in your hand. We will count on you. Rating:
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